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Natural Advantage is committed to providing an equal employment opportunity for all individuals without regard to age, race, color, sex, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other factors protected by applicable laws.

Natural Advantage’s goal is to increase representation of women, people of color, veterans and individuals with disabilities. Our programs are designed to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, directives and regulations and cover all human resource actions including employment, compensation, benefits, training, education, tuition aid, transfers and promotions.

We foster and provide an environment where employees can grow with new challenges and learn new skills to help them reach their goals.

Summary of Benefits

We strive to be employee-focused in the benefits and services that we provide our staff and we provide a comprehensive benefits package to help meet your needs.

Natural Advantage offers a full range of benefits that support you and eligible family members. These benefits include health care, ways to save for the future, and other resources to improve your well-being.

  • Medical Insurance
  • Safe harbor 401k
  • Dental, vision, long-term disability and life insurance
  • Gym membership
  • Child care (must be a state certified facility)
  • Paid holidays
  • 2 weeks’ vacation
  • College tuition reimbursement

Job Openings

Organic Chemist

1) Responsible for timely and proper execution of any research project as
assigned by the R&D Director and keeping the R&D Director fully appraised
of any successes, issues or failures. The communication must be continuous and timely.
2) Responsible for entire process as it moves from R&D to Production to
Distillation to QC, as assigned by the R&D Director. You must keep the R&D
Director fully apprised of any successes, issues or failures. The
communication must be continuous and timely.
3) Responsible for planning and executing scheduled processes. Should be
able to perform 3 to 6 major events per day (3 reactions, or 2 distillations + one reaction, etc).
4) Responsible for performing all of the steps of the process, taking all safety
precautions, and making recommendations for process improvements and changes.
5) Responsible recording and documenting processes.
6) Responsible for in-process testing and reporting results to R&D Director.
7) Responsible for completing final disposition of product and
intermediates, calculating yields and paperwork necessary for documenting
completed processes.
8) Responsible for reporting raw materials and intermediates getting low
and equipment malfunctioning.
9) Responsible for assisting the R&D Director with training of technical personnel.
10) Responsible for tracking product, raw material and equipment needed
to produce a specific inventory size and advising the Operations Manager & R&D Director.
11) Responsible for projecting time and resources needed for orders and
advising the Operations Manager and R&D Director.
12) Responsible for assisting Compounding Manager with blending, and
preparing finished goods for orders and sensory evaluations.
13) Responsible for having an understanding of the chemistry involved in
research projects and processes under development. Should use this
knowledge to troubleshoot problems and make suggestions to the R&D
Director for process changes and new development.
Job Type: Full-time

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